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10 Rules of Engagement: How to Respond to Social Media Complaints

Customer service today is customer-driven and omnichannel. When someone is reaching out to your brand on social media, you need to be listening and ready to respond.…

Aptnet July 27, 2020

Dark mode design: tips for creating dark theme websites and apps

Dim the lights, relax your eyes and save your energy. Dark mode is one of the biggest trends in design, and world-class brands like WhatsApp, Instagram, Google,…

Aptnet April 8, 2020

The 8 different types of websites and how to design them.

Paying attention to website design is crucial to building your business. There are now nearly 1.7 billion websites online, which provide a lot of different types…

Aptnet April 8, 2020

The Age of Digital Marketing

The question on most marketers’ minds is how do I plan an effective digital marketing budget that will see the best return for my brand? The digital landscape…

Aptnet March 25, 2019
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